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︎   Diana Padovac, 2020

︎   dianapadovac

Landscape of images is a video transformed into a publication. As a result of that, the digital book has a feel of a flipbook (simulating motion), when one is scrolling through the pages.

Maps of cities, shipping and air transportation routes, pipelines and submarine fiber-optic cables visually communicate interconnected networks of human activities. These maps and satellite imageries show that we've moved to a technological area of data composed systems. The landscapes Diana captured with Google Earth have the potential to showcase these structures, by the combination of limitation of the agricultural shapes, and the technologies/processes she has used.

Landscape of images communicates the challenge satellite composed imagery presents to the human comprehension of 'hyperobjects' of geology.The publication demonstrates the exploration of the Anthropocene, spatial concepts, and questions people's perception of space and the environment. It also tries to depict how the agricultural revolution and industrialization took over space with human-driven alteration of Earth systems, and in the process made landscapes look unnatural and non-human.

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