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︎ Yoana Petrova

︎ Yoannapetrowa

Denature, 2020

The Anthropocene has proven that humans have
the power to shift the ecological state of the
planet in their pursuit of power and possession.

Built on the contrast between artificial and real,
Denature explores the destructive relationship
between human and nature through the lens of
extraction, alteration and displacement.

Passage of time, 2020

Passage of Time emerged from the concept of time and the mystery of existence. It represents the process of change over time in a way that explores the relationship between past and present, and the idea of existence associated with artistic creation. The book includes photographs taken from a video of blossoming tea flower and light refraction, aimed at depicting two separate processes of change and the belief that time can be experienced in different ways. The project itself is intended to provoke discussion around growth, introspection, consciousness and existence.

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